ClubWPT Bonus Code

When you create a new account at ClubWPT no Bonus Code is required at the first step. Just go to Sign-Up page, fill all required information and move forward. If you are asked to enter a code use WPTC100 and you will be allowed to get free 2 week trial.

Click HERE to get Free 2 Week Trial

You can use this 2 week trial to get familiar with the club. After the trial period is over you will know what you are going to pay for. Trial membership does not require any payment details from you. You will be asked to choose to buy or not to buy full membership at the end of the period.

We recommend to start from Free trial and there are some reasons for it. A player does not have restrictions during the trial period. So it is a great opportunity to understand what WPT Poker Club is. “No Restrictions” means that all club services and poker games are available. Trial Period is a 2 week equivalent of full VIP membership. Start from Free Trial now!

If you like the club and want to use all benefits of full membership you can buy “VIP Membership”. All tournaments and promotions are available at VIP level. It costs $19.95 monthly. But if you buy 3-month subscription or year subscription you can save money. 3-month VIP subscription costs only $ 53,58 (you save $6,27). One year VIP membership costs $179,40 (you save $60!). It is the best offer.

If you are ready to try WPT Club follow these easy steps to become a full member:

1) Use the link at the top of the page or just Click here to create a new account
2) Fill all required information

Congratulations! You can participate in all tournaments and promotions!